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Lucie Cline Teen Porn Model

Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful?

Lucie Cline certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. This young, fresh porn model has the lot. She hit the porn modelling scene only a short time ago - but is she in demand with the porn modelling studios? They just can’t get enough of her. Other lovely girls who appeared to have the wow factor, seemed to be here one day and gone the next, while Lucie Cline is here to stay as one of the Super Porn Models of 2016.

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So, what is it about Lucie that makes her so special? First look at her face. She’s not just pretty, she’s beautiful. Her eyes are so expressive. They shine with pure joy. And she has a smile like an angel. However, don’t be fooled. Her wide-eyed innocence is only a facade. Lurking inside her is a porn beast that is only too eager to come out. Now, if you can tear yourself away from drowning in her dark liquid eyes, let’s see what else her beautiful body has to offer the unsuspecting male. Her perky breasts - wow! just look at those nipples - touch them and you will see them stiffen before your very eyes – she’s so easily turned on.

Is your imagination going into overdrive? Can you see yourself running your fingers down over her flat belly - can you feel her quivering? As your fingers carry on moving downwards, ever closer to her sweet little pussy, the quivering increases. Don’t stop whatever you’re doing, she is obviously enjoying it. Why not slip a finger into her pussy, it’s so wet - and her engorged clitty is now also quivering with excitement. Now, leave her sweet hot little pussy. There is still another part of her anatomy that you may want to check out - her tight little arse hole. Maybe if you ask her nicely, she’ll turn her back on you, then bend down and touch her toes.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Just look at those gorgeous twin orbs. A gentle slap on one cheek - then on the other. Judging by the way she is wriggling about, swaying her hips from side to side, could she be enjoying it?

She is also very willing to please, or try anything. And she is a really quick learner. The look of joy on her face when she knows she is giving pleasure cannot be faked. She is the real thing. The above makes for a beautiful little package, Lucie Cline Super Porn Model 2016!

Lucie Cline on Woodman Casting

An american girl, Lucie Cline has an audition with Pierre Woodman. She will answer general questions about her life and sexual fantasies and experience.Then Lucie Cline will undress to show her body naked.She will be asked to show her body in doggy style and missionary position on a sofa.This is Lucie Cline sexy casting X !

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Cute And Dirty
HDteenporncum in mouth

Mick Blue comes home and finds his stepdaughter's phone on the couch. Curious about his wife's eighteen-year-old daughter, Mick starts flipping through some naughty pictures that Lucie has taken of herself. Mick can't help but want to jack off to Lucie's pretty tight pussy, but when she arrives to pick up her phone, Mick's got to hide his raging boner! Lucie soon discovers that Mick has her phone--as well as a really big cock! That's when cute eighteen-year-old Lucie decides to get down and ...

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My Sisters Hot Friend
HDteenporncum in mouth

Lucie Cline is studying in her underwear at her friend's place because she got wet in the rain! Her friend's brother Rion makes her even wetter when he helps her study, and she proposes him a deal: help her cheat and she'll fuck his brains out! Speaking of, it's a no-brainer for Rion to get some brain from his sister's friend!

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Braided Hair Blowjob

Lucie Cline is one sexy little brunette with braided hair. She looks like Pippy Longstocking on slut pills. She likes it when a guy gets hard for her. She likes putting her mouth on dick and nuts even more though. Lucie makes a lot of mmmmm sounds, as if the cock in her mouth tasted like steak. Lucie loves getting her head squeezed like a nut in a cracker while shes choking down a fat cock too. Watch her naughtiness result in a big gloppy facial, and keep an eye out for Lucie in future flicks to ...

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Other Types Of Fun
HDcum in mouthpovpornteen

Lucie Cline is a stranded and hot teen brunette. She flags down the car of stranger and asks for a ride home. The driver who stops talks to her for a bit about him possibly driving her home. She says, it?s not like he could be a weirdo or anything. He tells her to hop in. She does this right away. He asks her if her parents ever told her not to take rides with strangers. She says they did, but she apparently doesn?t care. When they get to her home she asks if he wants to come inside and play ...

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Miss Bikini Bottoms

Teen step daughter Jasmine Summers is hanging out at home with her friend Lucie Cline, practicing for a modeling contest in skimpy bikinis. Jasmine's step mother Elexis Monroe cheerfully offers to coach the girls. She used to do some modeling and can show them the ropes. But when Elexis coaches them to be classy, the teens set the stepmother straight. They won't be competing on a Paris runway. This is a hot body bikini contest and they need to be sleazy. Now that Elexis understands, she tells ...

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Open Net

Step sis is finding her step bro’s big dick… good thing she fits inside his hockey bag ;-)

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Brutal Casting with Lucie Cline
HDteenrough sexbondagecasting

Lucie Cline is undergoing a rough sex scene in a Brutal Casting.

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Lucie Cline - POV Angels

Lucie Kline is the perfect fuck. This cute and petite little thing loves to get her freak on, on camera and truly enjoys a good hard fuck. Getting on her knees is her favorite hobby and she's very skillfulled at it!

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Theres Gold In Me Pussy
HDteenpornblowjobcum on facecum in mouth

Lucie Cline is an extra small but sizzling hot Irish lass with her dark red hair. This scene starts with her dressed as the world's sexiest Leprechaun. Who wouldn't want to catch this little leprechaun and fuck the holy bejesus out of her? She starts by doing a provocative Irish jig flashing her spring loaded milky white tits with petite nips. Her friend wearing green finds her dancing around his house and instead of running she just s to her knees, unzips his pants, and starts blowing his ...

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Adria Rae and Lucie Cline in Share My BF
HDcum in mouthcum on facethreesomepornteen

Adria wants to show Lucie how big her BF's cock is, but the shy dude won't drop trou! With two petite and horny brunettes on his case, he doesn't hold out for long, offering his big dick for the sexy duo to use as they please.

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Tiny Pixie Fuck Doll

Do you like pint-sized teens? Do you want to fuck a girl who can suck a cock the width of her wrist? Would you give anything to lock down a piece of ass who is bisexual, willing to involve you in a threeway, has a crush on that dumpy dude Seth Rogan, and describes anal sex as "very nice?" Meet Lucie. She's 19, grew up on a reservation in Nevada, stands 4'11" tall, and weighs 91 pounds. She's goofy, sexual, and willing to try anything once. "When I was younger, I would show off to all of the guys ...

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I Can Make You Cum featuring Lucie Cline

Lucie Cline is having a problem making her boyfriend cum, so she turns to her stepbrother Brad Sterling for advice. Once she admits that she doesn't have the right sex skills, she talks Brad into letting her demonstrate so he can tell her where she's gone wrong. Kicking things off with a soft sweet blowjob, Lucie starts doing whatever she can to bring her stepbrother off. Brad is totally into it by the time Lucie has peeled off her shirt to reveal her tiny titties and rock hard nipples. When she ...

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What Happens in Vegas...
HDteenpornvirtual reality

Take a savage journey to the heart of the American Dream - Las Vegas baby! You're a hotshot celebrity enjoying your vacation in Sin City when your two bodyguards, Adam and Caleb bring beautiful teen girl, Lucie Cline up to your hotel suite. She's completely starstruck by you and really wants to fuck. When you're a star, they let you do it!

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Dick Appointment
HDrimmingteenrough sexdeepthroatcum on facecum in mouthporn

Cute Lucie Cline getting fucked rough, including amazing deepthroat scenes and a massive cumshot on her innocent face!

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Dick Appointment - Behind the Scenes
HDteenporndeepthroatblowjobrough sexcum on facecum in mouth

Exclusive photos 'behind the scenes' from Lucie Cline in 'Dick Appointment' at 'Hookup Hotshot'.

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Lucie Cline & Johnny Castle - I Have a Wife
HDteenporncum in mouth

Lucie Cline is on school break staying at her aunts house for the week, but she cant stop thinking about her aunts husband, Johnny. She masturbates thinking about him after waking up horny from a nap, but little does she know that Johnny arrives home from work and spies on her after hearing her moan! But she spots the Peeping Tom right away and invites him into her room to help turn her fantasy into a reality. Johnnys married, but he cant help but lap up the opportunity (i.e., Lucies pussy) ...

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Lucie Cline at Teens Love Huge Cocks
HDteendeepthroatcum on facecum in mouth

Lucie’s father and his mother have moved in together – bringing their son and daughter to make one big happy family. However, what happens when two teenagers, with raging hormones are left alone together? She’s preening herself in front of a full length mirror, twisting and turning in order to see herself from all angles. Her bedroom door was slightly open and as he peeks in – his pulse begins to race. He saw his little stepsister – in a sheer white top and panties. He draws in his ...

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Lucie Cline on Mofos.com - I Know That Girl
HDteenporncum on facecum in mouth

Lucie and her guy were decorating the Christmas tree. But by mutual agreement, they decided that instead of turning on the tree lights they had a more urgent need themselves as they were already turned on. Sex was oozing from every pore.She insisted on having her wrists bound together with a string of tree lights. Being helpless and unable to stop him having his wicked way with her, he pushed his big cock into her juicy pussy. Then as she struggled to break free and opened her mouth wide to ...

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Lucie Cline on Mofos.Com - Don't Break Me
HDteenporncum on facecum in mouth

As Lucie kneels at his feet – her eyes open wide – his enormous cock dances about tantalizingly – then she frowns. The so called life like dildo she clutches in her hand – has not prepared her for the real thing. Her large expressive eyes plead with him – ‘please don’t hurt me, please don’t break me’. He holds her head steady, and slowly fills her mouth with his dick. She gags on it so he removes it from her mouth and fills her pussy with it instead. He is so big and she is so ...

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Lucie Cline: Step Moms Instructions - Mom Blowjob Videos

When Lucie Cline brings her new BF to meet her step mom, the innocent teen is in for a surprise because she confides in her step mom that her boyfriends cock is too big for her. The curious milf wants to see just how big by encouraging her to suck him dry with in front of her. The perverted mom then coaches the teen on how to give a good blowjob to a big cock. Finally, the young boy gives this horny amateur mom a facial cumshot. Don't miss the full length Lucie Cline: Step Moms Instructions ...

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Teen Tugs Lucie Cline: Lil Jerk
HDteenhand jobs

Lucie Cline wants to make you cum using nothing but her sweet and small hands, so she grabs your cock and sensually strokes it while you are lying on her bed naked. The cute brunette slowly jerks you off asking for a release and she is not gonna stop until you give her some buckets of hot cum.

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Lucie Cline at Naughty America
HDpornteencum in mouthcum on face

The horny porn star from Nevada has made it to Naughty America! We love Lucie Cline, what with her beautiful body, horny attitude and hot performances! Where else would you be able to watch her Brunette hair flow while she's getting slammed by a giant dick in doggystyle! Nobody Does It Better! A Teen for the ages! Lucie Cline's Hazel eyes could harden your cock in a  second, but her Petite body, Brunette hair and Small Natural tits will make it explode! The beautiful porn star has a dripping ...

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Lucie Cline at Abuse Me
HDteenanalrough sex

It was Lucie’s birthday and she wanted her fella to abuse her as a special treat. And most specifically to have him fuck her in the arse. She wanted rough sex and to be slapped around a bit. He was only too happy to oblige. She sucked his cock. She was gagged and bound unable to defend herself. He stuck his big cock up her arse and played with her sopping wet pussy. Lucie said it was her best birthday ever.

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Lucie Cline on Reality Kings

Lucie’s step mom for some reason doesn’t trust her beautiful step daughter. So, being a good parent she sneaks into Lucie’s bedroom and starts rummaging through her things – and what is this? She holds up an enormous vibrator. There are footsteps approaching – step mom, still clutching the vibrator hides in a closet. Through a crack in the closet door, she has a fantastic view of her randy step daughter and her equally randy boyfriend  as they thrash about on the bed. What she is ...

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Lucie Cline takes Her Daddy’s Friend’s Cock In Her Ass

It’s Thanksgiving and Lucie and her parents have invited Tony – her dad’s friend to join them for the Thankgiving meal. Before starting to eat, it was suggested that they say grace. So, they all held hands, closed their eyes and dad gave thanks for what they were about to receive. However, Lucie had reason to be thankful for something other than the wonderful meal they were about to consume. Tony was sitting next to her and as she had lusted after him for some time, under the table her ...

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Lucie Cline in ' Babysitter Flirt ' on TUSHY.com

One of the most amazing anal scenes, with one of the most amazing teen models! If you can tear yourself away from gazing at her wonderfull ass for a moment, look at her face - and you will notice something. She’s not just another porn star, and clearly she is not an actor. Her facial expression speaks for herself - Lucie Cline is a barely legal teen, who simply enjoys every inch of dick gliding deep into her tight asshole! A marvel of beauty, a masterpiece of nature!

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Lucie Cline on Passion HD

Lucie peers through the window – she is overjoyed to see her big sister’s sexy boyfriend siting on the sofa and he is oh-so-alone. Big sister has been bragging about her super stud fella. Now little sister wants to find out what all the fuss is about. Sitting on the sofa – her hand is down the front of her skimpy shorts -  while she plays the part of the temptressBeing a hot-blooded male, he can’t resist her advances towards him and soon she frees his big hard cock from the confines of ...

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Lucie Kline enjoys her step-brothers big cock

Lucie is playing with her pussy – while craving for a big cock to fill it. Her step brother hears her plaintive cries and comes to her rescue. At first, she is a little worried – could she really cope with his big dick in her tight little pussy? But no worries, she soon found she could as she rode him to victory.

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Lucie Cline in Sexual Stress Relief
HDteenporncum in mouth

Lucie is so sweet and loving, so when her guy comes home from work – frazzled and really stressed – this sexy little thing knows just what to do. Her hand massage soon turns them both on. She sucks his massive dick from his balls to its purple head. While she is doing that to him, he rubs her clit. As the cameras pan in close, you can actually see her pussy is soaking wet. They have a simultaneous orgasm. Her juices flow and his cum spurts upwards all over her joyful face.

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Lucie Cline on Exxxtra Small

As Lucie’s 19th birthday approaches, she is on a mission. She is exxxtra small and she wants the world to know it. While showing off her wares to the producer of the studio that concentrates on having exxxtra small models, she is stroking her pussy. This is twofold – she is turning herself on and the producer is also falling under her spell. Once she is wet, willing and waiting along comes the stud who is going to ravish her.He is strong, with bulging muscles. He manhandles her with ease. ...

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Sultry Little One
HDbig toysteentoysmasturbationoutdoor

Lucie Cline – a super porn model is busy at work. She is lying on her back, unclothed – so that you can see all she has to offer. The producer of the movie is instructing her what to do. The opening scene – shows her gently opening the lips of her tight little pussy. She is told to try putting four of her own fingers into her hot wet love hole. She is happily surprised to find that she could do it easily, without any discomfort. The next stage shows her pushing a long thick black dildo ...

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Horny all the time

Lucie is very happy to show the Producer of the video studio how she can turn herself on anytime anywhere. At first, she is seen fingering herself. Then in the next screen she is using a large vibrator, that she uses mainly concentrating on her outer pussy lips – but while using a circular movement – her throbbing clit gets its share of the vibrations and she is turned on big time. As she draws closer to having an orgasm – she moans softly, tossing her head from side to side, her eyes are ...

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Portable Sexuality

It's a lovely summer's day. Lucie is outdoors – proving that her sexuality could be portable – anywhere. In her bright orange dress that is in contrast to her dark hair, she is smiling and only too keen to follow the instructions of her producer. But later in the day it would appear that there is something wrong, her eyes are dull and her beautiful smile is missing. She is going through the motions of using a vibrator, but she looks bored. Her producer is concerned about her and asks her ...

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Supercute Dress
HDoutdoorteenmasturbationbig toys

Wearing her bright orange super cute dress – Lucie does quite a bit of posturing. She pulls up her short dress to reveal a pair of teal coloured panties. Then turning her back to the camera, she pulls them down to give the cameraman a good view of her beautiful shapely bottom.Taking her dress and panties off complexly, she sways and pirouettes in time to the music. Twisting and turning – raising her arms above her head – slowly running her fingers through her long dark hair.The scene ...

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Backroom Casting Couch Lucie Cline

Just look at her – sitting on the Casting Couch, looking like the little lady she is (not). In contrast, in a few moments she is completely naked except for her shoes. The casting director wants to find out just what she can do and he is not disappointed. Whatever position he puts her in, she obeys his requests with enthusiasm. Whether she is sitting, standing or lying, with his stiff cock being pushed into her sweet little pussy or up her tight little arse hole, her beaming smile is proof ...

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