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Lucie Cline certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. This young, fresh porn model has the lot. She’s not just pretty, she’s beautiful. Her eyes are so expressive. They shine with pure joy. And she has a smile like an angel. However, don’t be fooled. Her wide-eyed innocence is only a facade. Lurking inside her is a porn beast that is only too eager to come out. Now, if you can tear yourself away from drowning in her dark liquid eyes, let’s see what else her beautiful body has to offer the unsuspecting male. Her perky breasts - wow! just look at those nipples - touch them and you will see them stiffen before your very eyes – she’s so easily turned on.

Is your imagination going into overdrive?

Can you see yourself running your fingers down over her flat belly - can you feel her quivering? As your fingers carry on moving downwards, ever closer to her sweet little pussy, the quivering increases. Don’t stop whatever you’re doing, she is obviously enjoying it. Why not slip a finger into her pussy, it’s so wet - and her engorged clitty is now also quivering with excitement. Now, leave her sweet hot little pussy. There is still another part of her anatomy that you may want to check out - her tight little arse hole. Maybe if you ask her nicely, she’ll turn her back on you, then bend down and touch her toes.

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