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Running For A Banana

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On the next morning, we see this gorgeous girl wake up, enjoying those big breasts heaving as she rolls around in bed, then watch her take a shower and lather that firm pair and her firm butt. Putting her hair into a ponytail and putting workout clothes on, we then see her jog around at a nearby trail. Those full breasts bounce around in the sports bra, which then comes off -- and she ends up doing several exercises that make those breasts bounce everywhere! She then finds a banana, which she gives a blowjob to, and penetrates herself with it right on the trail!It eventually gets squashed by her tight vagina, and she eats what's left over. She then flashes some more at breakfast while people order behind her, and then goes home to masturbate with her fingers. Notice how juicy wet she is as she fingers herself to more orgasms. Wearing her cutest summer dress and super sexy heels, we see her walk through a resort, teasing those amazing breasts, fingering herself, then taking a zucchini and fucking herself with it in several different positions. She tries to push it in as deep as it can go...Back home, she tries anal play, fingering herself in the butt, then pushing her limits with a glass ball toy. We then have some foot fetish fun as she talks about her very pretty feet, and sucks on her toes. We then get to enjoy her wonderous breasts some more, as she massages them with baby oil, and squeezes them against glass. Then she's back out on a golf course, flashing her breasts, going toplless, running about... Then going for a nude walk on the street. She ends up going home to masturbate with the Magic Wand for 4 orgasms...After taking a shower, she puts on some cute pink lingerie, and masturbates one last time -- with the Magic Wand Toy (again!) -- and doesn't want to stop! Enjoy this amazingly gorgeous First Timer, a new fresh teen sweetheart for FTV :)

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