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Supercute Dress

Lucie Cline, teens, artistic

Wearing her bright orange super cute dress Lucie does quite a bit of posturing. She pulls up her short dress to reveal a pair of teal coloured panties. Then turning her back to the camera, she pulls them down to give the cameraman a good view of her beautiful shapely bottom.Taking her dress and panties off complexly, she sways and pirouettes in time to the music. Twisting and turning raising her arms above her head slowly running her fingers through her long dark hair.The scene changes. Now she is sitting on a blanket under a tree.With the use of a blue vibrator she comes to a noisy climax.Yet another scene now she has a large flesh coloured dildo that she struggles to insert into her tight pussy.Not having much success, she tosses it aside. Pulling her pussy lips apart, using her finger she gets more satisfaction by playing with her clit.

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