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Lucie peers through the window – she is overjoyed to see her big sister’s sexy boyfriend siting on the sofa and he is oh-so-alone. Big sister has been bragging about her super stud fella. Now little sister wants to find out what all the fuss is about. Sitting on the sofa – her hand is down the front of her skimpy shorts -  while she plays the part of the temptressBeing a hot-blooded male, he can’t resist her advances towards him and soon she frees his big hard cock from the confines of his shorts and gives it a real tongue lashing. The passion builds up between them and they move from one position to the other.As a finale, he cums in her mouth – his spunk hitting the back of her throat and she has to swallow rapidly to avoid choking on it.The conclusion she reaches – big sister was not exaggerating – he really was a super-stud.

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