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HD teenmilfLucie Cline

Lucie’s step mom for some reason doesn’t trust her beautiful step daughter. So, being a good parent she sneaks into Lucie’s bedroom and starts rummaging through her things – and what is this? She holds up an enormous vibrator. There are footsteps approaching – step mom, still clutching the vibrator hides in a closet. Through a crack in the closet door, she has a fantastic view of her randy step daughter and her equally randy boyfriend  as they thrash about on the bed. What she is witnessing is turning her on big time. In her excitement she stumbles – now the young couple know they are not alone. She joins the youngsters on the bed.

Ready, willing and able to show her innocent step daughter how to fuck and suck her fella. Meanwhile there are no complaints from the boyfriend. He thinks it’s his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Two sexy women vying with each other to satisfy his every need. He can’t believe his luck.

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